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Past and Current Research

If I had only a line to tell about my past and current research, I should just say I'm a geophysicist mainly involved in measuring, mapping and understanding the multitude of magnetic fields encountered in near Earth and near Earth-like planets’ space. Throughout my career, I have concentrated my work in some main directions. i) I have participated in general efforts of measuring the Earth's magnetic field, from ground to space. ii) I have developed my own research, being interested in modelling the core magnetic field and its temporal variations (with a special emphasis on geomagnetic jerks), as well as in investigating other field contributions (lithospheric and external fields). iii) I have used the geomagnetic information to determine physical properties of the deep Earth's interior (with special studies on the lower mantle conductivity and fluid motions at the core-mantle boundary; iv) I have considered that the Earth's magnetism has to be studied in the context of Planetary magnetism and in a broader domain of geophysics, thereafter my interest for this topic is obvious. v) Planetary magnetism studies are very “attractive”, however, my scientific research has also revolved around some other geophysical domains, such as gravity fields. vi) Finally, as a geophysicist, my interest in a wider range of topics, mainly related to the Solid Earth’s observation from space, is obvious.

I have already considered that doing science is a hobby which has to be shared with others, colleagues or students; all students I have worked with (for their internship or their PhDs) have obtained good qualifications, and they come back with pleasure to discuss geophysics and other matters. I have also considered that it is our duty to work for our community, so I have been involved in many activities for the community well-being.

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